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Student of the Month 2012

As part of LAUSD’s focus on Positive Behavior Support (PBS) Wilshire Park is committed in recognizing those students who meet the criteria of being Safe, Responsible, and Respectful as a candidate of Student of the Month is their teacher’s classroom.

The criteria are:


*Arrive to school on time and completes work and homework in a timely manner.
*Ready to work/have books, supplies & homework.
*Follows directions & gives their best effort in class and homework.
*Student follows class and school rules.



*Helps and respect others in our school community. Remember… “Character counts!!”
* Honest, trustworthy, and responsible.
* Being Polite to all stakeholders: other students, teacher assistants, office staff, custodial staff, volunteers, parents and other staff on school grounds.



*Following yard rules and following game rules
*Walking in hallways, cafeteria, and MPR
*Using restroom is safe, orderly manner


Congratulations on being a WILSHIRE PARK ROCKET!